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What is a Cryptocurrency Point of Sale Terminal?

A crypto point of sale (POS) device is a device that allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services. These devices are similar to traditional point of sale (POS) systems, but instead of processing credit or debit card transactions, they facilitate the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

Using a PUNDIX device
Using a PUNDIX with the XPASS.

Types of Crypto POS devices

Crypto POS devices come in a variety of forms, including standalone terminals, mobile phone apps, and integrated systems that work with existing POS hardware. Some popular crypto POS devices include the Pundi X POS, the BitPay POS, and the Coinbase Commerce POS.

How to use a Crypto POS

Using a crypto POS device is relatively simple. Customers can either scan a QR code or enter their payment information manually to initiate a transaction. The merchant can then choose to accept or reject the payment, and the transaction is processed almost instantly.

Benefits of a Crypto POS device

One of the main benefits of using a crypto POS device is that it allows merchants to tap into the growing market of cryptocurrency users. By accepting cryptocurrency, merchants can potentially attract new customers and increase their revenue. Additionally, crypto POS transactions are typically faster and cheaper than traditional credit card transactions, which can save merchants money on transaction fees.

Risks using a Crypto POS device

However, there are also some risks and challenges associated with using a crypto POS device. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, so their value can fluctuate significantly over time. This means that merchants may end up losing money if the value of the cryptocurrency they receive decreases before they are able to convert it to a more stable currency. Additionally, cryptocurrencies are not yet widely accepted, so merchants may have difficulty finding buyers for their crypto assets.


Overall, a crypto POS device can be a useful tool for merchants looking to tap into the growing market of cryptocurrency users. However, it is important for merchants to carefully consider the risks and challenges associated with using these devices before making the decision to adopt them.

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